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CRFS | Correspondance des réformateurs en territoires francophones et suisses

Welcome to the database «Correspondance des réformateurs en territoires francophones et suisses». This is a project of the Institut d’histoire de la Réformation at the University of Geneva. Following the lines envisioned by Herminjard, the project intends to give an overview on the letters that have been written in the French speaking and Swiss territories of the Reformation era.

The database is under construction. At the moment, there are records of 578 letters by 101 different authors to 116 different recipients. In particular, the data about the complete correspondence of the following persons is already included:

Celio Secondo Curione (314 letters)

Nikolaus Zurkinden (129 letters)

Sébastien Castellion (126 letters)

Their letters and many others can be consulted and searched in the «List of Letters» and the networks of correspondents can be inscribed to a map under «Visualization». More complex research possibilities and tools to represent the data are planned.